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Why Dashkarma Treatement over others

The Hidden Treasure of Ayurveda kept secret to Maintain King to be the Best Warrior, Best Administrator and Best Family Man satisfying not only Maharani but all Queens. Dashkarma Treatement includes 10 procedures – Herbal Bath for detoxification, Herbal Halwa for eliminating Rakta Vatta, Acupuncture by herbs, acupressure for strengthening nervous system, Hydrotherapy to remove stress, mudfor skin care, ENT care, Eye care, Yagna Therapy/Dhoom Chikitsa, Stomach Care. Why Dashkarma Treatement over Pachkarma or any other-

  • Procedures in Pachkarma like Basti were performed on Royal Families.
  •  Dashkarma Treatement is less time consuming and less taxing.
  • Pachkarma if not performed by experts can unbalance Vata, Pita and Kapha while Dashkarma Treatement doesn’t need expert after 4-5 days of simple training.
  • Herbs used in Dashkarma Treatement itself perform exprt duty on body and work only on effected part like in Acupressure there will be pain only on effected part.
  • Dhoom chikitsa/Yagan Karma performed at home with purest form of herbal samagri contain lot of antioxidants/aroma will not only remove free radicals from body but also pathogenic microbes/viruses from home.
  • In Dashkarma Treatement 7/8 karmas can be performed by patient itself even at home but in Pachkarma all karma need specialized people with specialized facilities.
  • Dashkarma Treatement results are 10 to 20 times faster and accurate than Panchkarma and any other system.

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