Kangra Herb is a herbal establishment with a keen focus on managing life-threatening diseases. We are committed towards healthy and nutritious way of providing natural herbal medicines and Herbal Panchkarma in pollution free environment of Kangra Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India.

With over 2 decades of experience, formulated by Pioneers of Ayurved, curated in the Himalayas by the locals, promoting women empowerment, in-house manufacturing using state of art technology set up right in the heart of The Himalayas and breezy organic fields. Modern WHO approved manufacturing technics, with full COVID precautions under taken combined with the ancient science of AYURVED. This Holy Grail is pooled with organic methods of farming and Nakshatra Vidya. The ideology is providing treatment which is at par with modern medicine system without passing on any side effects. We instead give you side benefits of treatment and try to get to the root cause of it than only treating symptoms!

Medication combined with our 7day Dashkarma (Modified Panchkarma) therapy in the foothills of Himalayas brings about results faster than expected.

What's Unique with Kangra Herb?

From Farm to Door, from Herbal Good morning to Herbal Good night – each product is created organically to deliver high efficacy and effectiveness. Nakshatra Vidya, Panch Gabya and expert formulations free from Bhasm, heavy metals and side effects.


Useful Daily Routine Products by Kangra Herb for keeping Healthy Family. There are few steps will keep you Healthy & Many Major Health Problems will not disturb your life”


All Panchmahabhoota’s synergies to help us treat with a holistic approach without passing on side effects. A combination of Massages and disease-focused formulations in the foothills of Himalayas.


With over 2 decades of experience, formulated by Pioneers of Ayurved, curated in the Himalayas by the locals, in-house manufacturing combined with powerful science of Ancient Ayurved.


The Herbal Education Program offers you to not only expand your Botanical Knowledge but more importantly use Herbs as Medicines for variety of diseases & health concerns.

Know More About Kangra Herb

Medicines from Kangra Herb are hand plucked herbs curated by the locals with care. We make an effort to empower the rural and make women financially independent. With treatment focussed medicines and generic supplements and therapies to target the root cause. We have catered to patients with conditions like:

Allergies | Eyes | Impotency | Blood detoxification | Fatigue | Infertility | Blood Pressure | Fibroids | Insomnia | Cancer/ Tumours | Fistula | Joint & Bone Health | Cataract | Gall Bladder Stone | Kidney Failure | Cervical | Hair Problem | Kidney Stone | Constipation | Heart Blockage | Liver Cirrhosis | Cysts | Heart Problem | Liver Failure | Dark Blemishes | HIV/AIDS | Low Pulse/High Pulse | Dental Problem | Hormonal imbalance | Lymphatic and blood disorders | Diabetes | Hyper Acidity | Memory Loss | Digestive disorders | Immunity | Menorrhoea | ENT Disorder |  Immuno Deficiency | Skin Psoriasis | Migraine | Piles | Slip Disk | Muscular Dystrophy | Prostate Enlarge | Snoring | Navel Disorder | Rejuvenation with herbs |  Stomach Disorder | Oral Health | Respiratory Disorder | Stress | Weak Nervous System | Ortho Problem | Rheumatoid Arthritis | Osteo Arthritis | Sexual Wellness |  Parkinson’s | Sinusitis | PCOD | Skin Problem

With a range of solutions from head to toe, our focus is to manage diseases of today’s time caused due to heavy use of Pesticides, Industrial waste and life style changes. We extensively use organic manure for farming and herbal techniques for treatment.

  • Manufacturing facility and our treatment centre in the foothills of Himalayas in the Kangra Valley – which is also home to millions of tourist each year
  • Functional OPD Clinic in Delhi will experienced Doctor’s to help you guide and through the treatment
  • Dietician to help you modify diets for betterment
  • Clean air, eco-friendly construction with organic meals and treatment under one roof
  • 100 of acres land full of greenery with hi- tech greenhouses of our own and 10,000 acres of herb cultivation using organic farming through vendors
  • WHO GMP approved, ISO certified manufacturing unit having 55000 sq.ft built up area with AHU Control System and clean room panels
  • 30 Bed treatment facility in the foothills of Himalayas for Modified Panchkarma Treatment (Dashkarma)
  • Kangra Herb is Pioneer and committed towards End to End Herbal Solution

Kangra Herb is one the rarest units to have its own organic farm land and greenhouse as a backup organic cultivation and role model for raw herb vendors. Nearly 10000 acres of herb cultivation is through vendors.

More than 11000 Acres of Land. Upto 12000ft. ASL Herbs & Medicinal. Plants are organically cultivated in their natural habitat to get best result including right identification scientifically.

Use of Chemical Fertilizer and spray of deadly chemicals on crops, had badly effected the health of people, Organic Food is the good But, vedic herbal organic food is the “BEST” .

Testing and R&D was a missing subject from Ayurveda and food items in INDIA. Scienctific testing…… The source of raw material was not under culivation. Harvesting needs in depth ancient harvesting knowledge along with moon chart, To get good results.

WHO – GMP certified manufacturing techniques, ISO certified quality. FSSAI grade Supplements. All medicines are Government approved formulations. The manufacturing plant uses automatic, high-speed punching, coating and filling machines. All Machine Contact parts are made of SS-316-L This enables us to produce phytopharmaceuticals with uniform levels of batch-to-batch consistency. This ensures that the customer gets the same high quality product regardless of where it is purchased.

Our Manufacturing Policy Raw materials used in the manufacturing of products are authentic, of prescribed quality and are free from contamination. Proper hygiene techniques and quarantine areas are maintained.

The manufacturing process complies with SOPs as prescribed to maintain the standards. Adequate quality control measures are adopted. Quality control measures including IPQC are stringent. The manufactured products released for sale are of highest international quality and user friendly.

We have used all contact part of 316-L stainel steel which almost give glass like quality to final products. Quality produt, to avoid mixing to heavy metals during manufacturing.

Packing and information on the product was not upto Mark . In KHPL we have given maximum information on product, as they have passed Goverments clinical Trials also and are found without any side effects, R & D and enhancement of results on the last stage/terminal Cases is still on.

Our highly experienced team of Ayurved doctors focus on balancing the Tridosha and target the root cause through effective therapies and medication.

During these times of difficulty – our experts are available to you via tele consultation, Video conferencing facilities.

Dashkarma: Only Royal family Members, Kings-Queens were having Access to the system to maintain their health, Aura fighting power’s administrative skills, sexsual endurance, wisdom. Dashkarma Treatement detoxifies and rejuvenates very quickly. The anti ageing process starts with in the body. 41 steps of Dashkarma Treatement are standardized and practised infrastructure is created,vedic organic food is served in place of starving with excellent tools.

Nature is biggest healer ! If your hospital( Care Taking Unit) is situated in Non Polluted Area, surrounded by Herbal Tree & Snowy Peaks. It’s like getting treated in Heaven. That is where KANGRA HERB is situated. 28 bed facility already available, more coming up. Nature lovers would give us 120/100. Pollution and Adultrated lovers will have a hard time in set in.

The importance of Yoga and Hawana is scientifically proven. It’s highly beneficial to add up these with Herbal Treatment and Dashkarma Treatement. Sometimes suffer become of their “Last Janma Karma” as is termed as “Karm Janya Rogi”. They need it badly.

Staying in ICU or CCU will generate only big bills, hardly anything to do with health. Vastu clear Hygenic Rooms in “ KANGRA VALLEY” of Himachal Pradesh, INDIA with every modern facility, no hostile weather. 6 KM from “KANGRA AIRPORT- 75 Km from Pathankot / Chakki Bank, Let’s get headed towards the rail & live the dream. Make Your next holiday destination as a Herbal Health Tour to “KANGRA HERB”. “Kangra Valley”

Dashkarma as its Best

Consultation fees Rs. 300/- valid for 2 months

Boarding Per Day Per Person

(Deluxe Room)@ Rs. 2500/-

(VIP Room)@Rs. 3200/-

(VIP Inter-Connected Double Room)@Rs. 5100/-

Note:- If more than 2 persons can accommodate in 1 room, we will charge Rs.500/- for per person / per day.

Herbal Diet

@ Rs.400/-per day for attendent\patient.

@ Rs.200/-for children below 10 years.

See Full Treatments of “Dashkarma”

Treatments of Dashkarma

“ Excluding Medicine ” as per Prescribe by Doctor.

50% Amount of Room Rent & Proposed Dashkarma Treatement charges to be deposited in Advance for booking.

Term & Conditions Apply.

Note : -Basic herbal treatment “Dash karma’s” 41 steps have been made available to patients & people who want to remain fit. Dash karma means 10 important steps, out of 41 will be selected as per the budget & need of the body to most of the people who are not getting fresh air to breath, healthy organic food, hardly any exercise with sweating, stress free jobs, no games etc.

  • You need to Enroll for Minimum 5 days basic treatment.
  • Extra Charges as per Ailment Specific Treatment.
  • Extra Charges for Herbal Medicines and Other Products.
  • Maximum Occupancy of 2 Person allowed in Deluxe Room and suite.
  • For Customized Requirement contact us on email / chat windows / phone.
  • Weather Condition can play a big part and can spoil our Adventure trip. This phenomena is beyond the control of Kangra herbs dispite all the arrangements, 50% of original charges per day will be charged for bad weather days.

Eco-friendly Tracking in Jungle of Himachal Pradesh. Eco-friendly Staying Facility

You can open your “Herbal Health Clinic/ Resort as per your ability and can become part of KHPL Herbal Health Programs across the World and earn also. KHPL’s expert team will examine your area where Herbal Health Resort can be opened at your place or not because Herbal Health Resort needs few fresh herbs.If they can grow at your place it is fine, otherwise day dreaming.

Cure is Possible at Kangra Herbal Wellness Centers without side effects/ Surgery With Dashkarma Treatement , Patent Herbal Products /Medicine / Diet Chart & Astrology

B.P. / Heart Problem / Heart Blockage / Sugar Respiratory Disorder / Asthmatic Problem / Swine Flu / Allergies
Kidney Stone / Gall Bladder Stone / Kidney Problem /Uric Acid Beauty Care / Skin Problem / Psoriasis / Leuko Derma
Migraine / Stress & Strain / Snoring / Sinusitis Weight Reduction
Spine & Joint Pain / Arthritis / Spondylitis / Slip Disk Digestive Disorder / Ulcer / Hyperacidity / Piles / Constipation
Muscular Dystrophy / Parkinson / Paralysis / Cancer / HIV Hair Fall / Grey Hair / Dandruff.many more

Note: You Need To Enroll To Get Basic Treatment
Chronical patient and patient with serious disease will be given treatment as per Doctors/Experts advice.