Welcome Kangra Herb for Panchkarma (Dashkarma) Therapy

01. What is Panchkarma Therapy?

We get our cars and ACs serviced regularly, but never ever our body and mind!

This treatment is like that much needed service of the body which will only make you feel healthier and increase your organ efficiency. A long life with a poor health is no boon, to strengthen and promote a healthy lifestyle and induce changes into our family for good – we need to adopt and make certain amendments in the western lifestyle that we are vigorously following

Dashkarma Therapy (Modified Panchkarma) is Kangra Herb’s effort to re- discover the ancient secrets of kings and queens health by adopting expert yoga/massage techniques integrated with usage of few important and rare herbs to detoxify and rejuvenate mentally and physically.

It is the same secret which is modified slightly to suit our Modern lifestyle, in which the simplified procedures are adopted so one can learn those procedures quickly and perform few of them even at home.

How Panchkarma Therapy is done?

02. Steps involved in the Therapy

There are in total 40 steps – subject to requirement and cost for each step, your customized Dashkarma will be designed as per need

  • Step 1: Colon Therapy (Stomach Wash)
  • Step 2: Ent Rejuvenation
  • Step 3: Nasya With Medicine
  • Step 4: Nasya With Powder
  • Step 5: Eye Cleaning With K/M
  • Step 6: Eye Cleaning With Fresh Herb K/T/M
  • Step 7: Eye Cleaning Medicine
  • Step 8: Herbal Tea Special and Herbal Halwa
  • Step 9: Navel Setting
  • Step 10: Calm Muscles Massage
  • Step 11: Herbal Bath
  • Step 12: Herbal Mud Therapy
  • Step 13: Herbal Acupuncture
  • Step 14: Herbal Back Massage
  • Step 15: Herbal Hawan
  • Step 16: Jangli Plandu Samwedan
  • Step 17: Herbal Hydrotherapy
  • Step 18: Cervical Treatment
  • Step 19: Slip Disc L4 /L5 Treatment
  • Step 20: Herbal Facial
  • Step 21: Herbal Face Pack
  • Step 22: Special Face Pack
  • Step 23: Herbal Head Massage
  • Step 24: Herbal Hair Treatment
  • Step 25: Hair Treatment With Vitalizer
  • Step 26: Hair Treatment With Spl Herb:
  • Step 27: Shiro Dhara
  • Step 28: Natural Spring Bath
  • Step 29: Spl Lape 75% Body
  • Step 30: Spl Lape Half Body
  • Step 31: Spl Lape On Selected Body Parts Each
  • Step 32: Disease Based Health Juice
  • Step 33: Full Body Herbal Massage
  • Step 34: Plandu Marodi
  • Step 35: Knee Massage
  • Step 36: Herbal Dietary Milk
  • Step 37: Herbal Patloo
  • Step 38: Herbal Bath For Hyper Acidity & Dry Skin
  • Step 39: Jaundice
  • Step 40: Double Potli

It is a never ending and ongoing research technique. We are trying our best to make it more suitable for the modern lifestyle.

These steps are done each day, for a minimum 5 days or are need based as per the nature of critical disease. A few steps may create a bit of discomfort, but not to worry because you are in good trusted hands.

Why use Panchkarma Therapy?

03. How the therapy helps

What medical issues, is Kangra Herb is trying to deal with:

Cure – to relieve a person/animal of the symptoms of a disease or condition
Prevention – the action of stopping something from happening or arising
Subside – become less intense, violent, or severe

Kangra Herb focuses on long term prevention and we aim towards effective cure of a given condition. We don’t believe in only temporarily subsiding the symptoms without targeting the root cause of it, unlike in modern medicine.

After years of extensive research program, modified to suit the limitations of modern generation, Kangra Herbs team of scientists, doctors and experts re- discovered, created facilities/infrastructure and herbal products/vedic organic food, to overcome above problems, bringing together the ancient knowledge of Vriksh Ayurved, Ayurved, Charak Sahita, wealth of Himalaya, herbs grown in Himalayan valley, Astrology, Moon Chart, Nakshtra Vidya, Vastu Shastra, Dhumar Chikitsa etc together.

Adding strong folk knowledge of technical massages, use of fresh Himalayan herbs to rejuvenate brain, ENT system, purification of blood, strengthening the circulation of blood, rejuvenating central nervous system, strengthening navel system, balancing VATA, PITA & KAPHA along with the removal of heavy toxic metals in human body under its health mission “DABANG AYURVED”.

With Dabang Ayurved we aim at achieving the following objectives:

  • Provide Dashkarma on a large scale for Detoxification, Rejuvenation, for stress free body and mind
  • Detoxify from head to toe external and internally
  • Use wealth of Himalayas, i.e. rare Himalayan herbs & facilitating pollution free environment for herbal hospitals and rejuvenation centres in the Himalayas to treat patients
  • Expand and encourage Herbal tourism with adventure and enjoyment
  • To provide healthy work environment, increase rural employment in their community and alternative to farmers, along with herbal/health education
  • To encourage entrepreneurs to adopt eco friendly construction, storage and cultivation of few medicinal plants in every campus, in place ordinary aesthetic plantation. These medicinal plants can be used even in our cup of
    tea, chutney or for direct chewing etc.

Things you might need to carry:
Please carry a compulsory mask and sanitizer with you at all times. In these difficult times we are taking all precautions to keep you safe.
1. Extra pair of undergarments
2. Something warm
3. Something to read – since you will have the second half comparatively to yourself – and we would prefer you staying inside the premises given the spread of the pandemic. Else people normally take a tour around the city. In
case you wish to – you can inform us we will get a paid cab arranged for you.
4. Comfortable pair to shoes/slippers
5. An Umbrella (You never know when it starts to rain!)
6. A pair of hand towel and a full sized towel
7. During the treatment wear comfortable clothes – which you don’t mind getting dirty in
8. Please carry your own toiletries

The treatment centre is very eco friendly. The construction is done as naturally as possible.  Basic amenities like room heater, geyser, TV will be provided.  The mini mess area is for dining in and vegetarian. Please be informed that no alcohol or cigarettes are allowed inside the premises. Any violation to this rule will be subject to getting expelled from the treatment without much further ado or refunds.

Please share your exact travel details with us once bookings are done – a free pick up from the Gaggal Airport will be provided by us.

You can get in touch with Kangra Herb through the following details:

Delhi address: 390, Pocket C-8, Opp. Metro Pillar No. 377, Sector 8, Rohini, Delhi, 110085
Working Hours: 11AM – 4PM (Wednesday closed)
Phone: +919911315666, +919811315666

Kangra Herb Treatment Centre, Himachal: Village DURGELLA Tehsil: SHAHPUR Distt: Kangra, HP- 176215
Working Hours: 9AM – 5PM (Sunday Closed)
Phone: +919911315666,+919999332429

Email us at herbalkangra@gmail.com
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